Life has taught me to always follow my instinct and listen to that inner
voice,  which  motivate me to explore paths that have not been   walked
before.Because if there is anything scarier than a life filled with
rejections, it is a life filled with regrets. The destination may or may not
be what you have dreamed of but the journey will always be full-filling.
take control of



Coaching has been demonstrated to have very powerful results when three factors are present



  • A strong desire to develop potential


  • A gap where the client is presently and the level he/she wants to achieve, and

  • A willingness to take action to achieve results desired with these elements present CLIENT can work to improve his/her results, increase interpersonal effectiveness, get a project jump started, make a course.

stop talking


As per Jim Rohn America's foremost business philosopher, You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself!

If you are a person basically well-adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning effectively and wanting to make changes in your life and be HAPPY then I totally recommend to take this step  towards success from where you are to where you want to be… It’s up to you!



You have taken a great step towards having

 a better life!

Which is the one & only investment that always pays off?


The investment on yourself!

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Your Greatest Self.

By taking a step toward your SUCCESS and taking COACHING sessions many benefits can occur- happen, however the most highly rated for me is the benefit of EMPOWERMENT! The term empowerment goes directly  to autonomy self-determination, and being responsible,100% responsible for every thought idea action you face in your life. Being empowered you can settle your goals your well being your time management your relationships and believe me coaching leads to lasting change and surprisingly quick too.




Coaching is dealing with  your current challenges and looking ahead the issues. You will discover your best self the one that knows everything and go deeper and deeper by improving EMPOWERING  other areas of your life and positively impacting the other lives too!

By being empowered you can face opportunities and challenges , help to maximize your skills your potentials your ideas and be fruitful but most important by being responsible of taking 100 % responsibility of every moment. Coaching builds momentum.

Best investment is to invest on                    YOURSELF!!


Charis is an amazing personality and coach full of power! She has a strong ability to inspire and motivate others and take the best out of everyone! Moreover, she is super supportive and helpful, which is what made me feel save and positive around her and fully trust her. Moreover, coach Charis does everything with love and willingness, and she is honestly one of those persons that everyone wants to have in their life. I am so grateful for everything she did for me, and she is not only a coach for me but part of my family!


Nadia Andronicou- 



Charis is one of my graduated students of Global Academy of Coaching. What impress me most is about her positive energy her way of approach her commitment and the way that she wants to lead everything to success and happiness. She is a trustworthy person and I am sure you would love to work with her!


Jill Douka MBA,PCC 1Bestseling and Awarded Author, highly sought after internationally-renowned speaker, awarded mentor by the European Union, Founder Global Academy of Coaching


Recently i felt that i had the need to change the way that i live my life. After a lot of research i decided to have a number of private sessions with Charis. Now i know that i made the correct decision, cause my life already changed in many ways. I am more confident,optimistic, determined just thought the positive and calm thinking that I have forgot a long time ago. It needs hard work to be calm and be really happy and take some risks that they will change your life. Thankfully, i have the best coach to help and support me to overcome my fears  and conquer my goals. Thank you Charis!!!


Elena Georgiou- accounting officer